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Disabled Band Reduction Review

We're carrying out a review of Council Tax discounts currently in place across East Herts. If you've received a request for information about your Disabled Persons Council Tax Reduction please complete our Review Form online.

  1. Failure to respond to a request for information or providing false information will result in the discount being cancelled and a penalty of £70 being imposed in accordance with Schedule 3 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.

    About the Disabled Persons Reduction Review

    East Herts Council is committed to keeping Council Tax to a minimum level by making sure that:

    • Everyone receives the discounts they are entitled to and
    • Discounts are awarded to the appropriate people

    It is important that your Council Tax record is kept up to date so that bills are issued accurately with any changes of circumstance being taken into account.

    In order to continue to receive the discount you receive are required to confirm that your circumstances have not changed.

    If you know anybody who is claiming this discount fraudulently please tell us as the Council will seek to prosecute anyone committing fraud.

    Disabled Reduction Review Form

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