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Local Land Charges

If you are a potential buyer of a property in East Hertfordshire, then you may well be aware that, as part of the conveyancing process, a search against that property is conducted.

The search is done to uncover any restrictions or legal obligations on the building(s) or plot of land.

A search is conducted against the "Register of Local Land Charges". This is held and maintained by East Hertfordshire District Council. Searches can be requested by you, or more usually, through your Solicitor.

The Register contains details of all local land charges registered against properties in East Hertfordshire. Charges may relate to matters such as Tree Preservation Orders, Planning Decisions, Grants, Article 4 Directions, Conservation Areas and Listed Building.

A Local Land Charge Search usually comprises two elements, namely:- LLC1Form and CON29 Enquiries of Local Authorities (2016). There is also a form CON290 which consists of optional enquiries.   The CON29 lists numerous questions concerning the area being searched, and also if there are any major road proposals with 200 metres of the land/property or traffic schemes abutting the boundaries. The CON29O form contains additional questions in a standard format that may also be asked.

The Form LLC1 and Form CON29 Enquiries of Local Authorities should be completed and submitted with the following:-

  • the correct fee; (see below)
  • a correct and clear address of the land/ property to be searched;
  • two plans with the land clearly edged in red.

If plans are not supplied, the search will be returned (view Guidance regarding suitable plans - downloads section below).


The official forms may be purchased from Oyez using the links below:-

LLC1 Form

CON29 Form

CON290 Form

Fees from 1 October 2018

Please note that the CON29 fee will increase on 1st October 2018 from £83.16 to £113.16, bringing the cost of a standard search (LLC1 plus CON29) to £135.21.   A list of our new search fees can be found below:

  • Standard search fee (LLC1 + CON29)  =  £135.21
  • Extra parcel fee with standard search  =  £24.15
  • Standard search including all CON29O questions  =  £432.57
  • Breakdown of fees

  • LLC1 - £22.05 (not vatable)
  • CON29 - £113.16
  • CON29O  Qu.4 - 21 - £15.12
  • CON29O  Qu.22 - £25.20
  • Extra parcel fee (LLC1) -£5.25  (not vatable) 
  • Extra parcel fee (Con29) - £18.90

We accept searches electronically via the National Land and Information Service (NLIS), TM Search Choice or by email.  As of 1st March 2018, we will no longer use the DX, so paper search requests and any cheque payments should be posted to 'Land Charges, East Herts Council, Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8EQ'.

Performance Indicators - August 2019

No of searches received368295
No of searches returned within 5 working days83%85%
No of searches returned within 5 - 10 working days16%15%
Searches returned in more than 10 working days1%0%

Personal Searches

You may undertake a Personal Search of the Land Charges Register by visiting the Council Offices in Hertford. An appointment must be made - please view Guidance Notes below (pdf document, opens in new window).  This does not include the Form of Enquiry CON29 - inspection of this data must be arranged separately with the appropriate departments.

Statutory Duty

Searches on properties for a prospective buyer are a statutory duty.  East Herts searches are normally returned within 5-10 working days, are completed by officers with several years experience, signed by the Registrar of Local Land Charges and are the only search guaranteed to be complete.


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