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Council Tax Discounts, Exemptions & Disregards

You may be entitled to a reduction in your council tax. There are several discounts, exemptions and disregards available, including a Single Person discount.

You can read about and apply for different Council Tax discounts, disregards and exemptions below.

More information about the scheme is available in our Council Tax Reduction Scheme [1MB]

Single Person Discount

If you're the only person aged 18 years or older living at a property you can apply for a 25% discount on your Council Tax bill.

Students & Student Nurses

Students and some Student Nurses are disregarded for the purpose of Council Tax.

School and College Leavers (Under 20s)

If you are a school or college leaver you may be disregarded for Council Tax purposes.

Council Tax reduction for a Disabled Person

You may be able to get your bill reduced if your home has certain features which are essential, or of major importance, to the well-being of a person with a disability, whether an adult or child, who is resident in the dwelling.

Care or Nursing Homes

People living in residential care homes, nursing homes, mental nursing homes and hostels providing a high level of care are disregarded for Council Tax purposes, as long as it is their only or main home.

Carer and Care Workers

If you're a professional or unpaid carer you may be entitled to a reduction in Council Tax.


If you're an apprentice and you meet our eligibility criteria you may be entitled to a Council Tax disregard.

Youth Training Programme Trainee

You will not be counted if you are under 25 and are receiving training which is funded by The Learning and Skills Council for England, in line with an individual training plan under the Youth Training Scheme, such as "programme led apprenticeships" or E2E (entry to employment).

Residents of Certain Dwellings - Hostels or Night Shelter

If you're sole or main residence is a hostel or night shelter you will not normally need to pay Council Tax.

Members of Visiting Forces (and certain other organisations)

Information on discounts for Members of Visiting Forces and Members of International HQs and Defence Organisations.

Members of Religious Communities

You may be disregarded for Council Tax purposes if you're a member of a religious community.


A person can be disregarded for Council Tax purposes if they are detained in a prison, hospital or any other place under a court order.

Patients resident in hospital

If your sole or main residence is in a hospital you may be disregarded for Council Tax purposes.

Severely Mentally Impaired

If a person living at a property is classed as "severely mentally impaired", and they live with other people, that person is disregarded from Council Tax.

Child Benefit in Payment

Where a resident is aged 18 years or over, but is entitled to child benefit, they are disregarded for Council Tax purposes.

Non-British Citizen - Spouse of Students

If you are a not a British citizen, you're the spouse of or are dependent on a student and the terms of you being in the UK prevent you from taking paid employment or claiming benefits you will be disregarded for Council Tax purposes.


A property where a diplomat is liable to pay the Council Tax is exempt. If the diplomat lives with another person who is liable to pay Council Tax, the diplomat is disregarded.

Council Tax Property Exemptions

Some properties are exempt from Council Tax. If you own or occupy a property which you think should be exempt, please contact the Council for advice.

Property Discounts - Second Homes and other Properties (including Annexes)

If you have a second home which is not your sole or main residence, you may have to pay Council Tax for them both unless you meet certain criteria.