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Public Involvement


The Council has approved a petition scheme that enables people who live, work or study within East Herts to submit a petition.

Attend a Council Meeting

East Herts Council welcomes public attendance at its meetings and will provide a reasonable number of agendas for viewing at the meeting. Most public meetings are held in the Council Chamber at the Hertford Offices.

Webcast Meetings

Currently, all meetings of Council, Executive, Development Management and District Planning Executive Panel are broadcast live on the internet.

Public Speaking at Development Management Meetings

The Council has a scheme where members of the public can speak at Development Management committee meetings. Development Management is the committee that discusses and makes decisions on many of the planning applications made to the council.

Asking a Question at Council meetings

At Council meetings, time is given over for public question time. Any member of the public may ask a question of an Executive Member, as long as it relates to the work of the District Council.

Scrutiny Attendance Feedback Form

If you have attended a scrutiny panel, please share your feedback with us.