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Attend a Council Meeting

East Herts Council welcomes public attendance at its meetings and will provide a reasonable number of agendas for viewing at the meeting. Most public meetings are held in the Council Chamber at the Hertford Offices.


Please note that there is seating for 27 members of the public and space for 30 standing in the Council Chamber. Entrance is on a "first come, first served" basis.

When the council anticipates a large attendance, an additional 30 members of the public can be accommodated in Room 27 (a large meeting room on the ground floor), again on a "first come, first served" basis, to view the meeting via webcast on a large screen.

Webcast of some meetings can also be viewed at home on the  East Herts Council webcasting microsite

If you think a meeting you plan to attend could be very busy, you can check if the extra space will be available by emailing or calling the council on 01279 655261.  

For visitors who experience mobility difficulties; the Council Chamber can be accessed via a lift, and Room 27 is on the ground floor with no stairs or steps to negotiate.


There is a car park outside the council offices with space for 32 vehicles.

The car park is free for the first 2 hours. The car park is also free after 6.30pm.

For more parking information, please see the Car Park Details page.

Audio/Visual Recording of meetings

Everyone is welcome to record meetings of the Council and its Committees using whatever, non-disruptive, methods you think are suitable, which may include social media of any kind, such as tweeting, blogging or Facebook.  However, oral reporting or commentary is prohibited.  If you have any questions about this please contact Democratic Services (members of the press should contact the Press Office).  Please note that the Chairman of the meeting has the discretion to halt any recording for a number of reasons, including disruption caused by the filming or the nature of the business being conducted.  Anyone filming a meeting should focus only on those actively participating and be sensitive to the rights of minors, vulnerable adults and those members of the public who have not consented to being filmed. 


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