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Parking Traffic Regulation Orders

Parking restrictions in the district, and the conditions of use of permitted parking areas, are defined in Traffic Regulation Orders. If a new restriction is introduced, a new Traffic Regulation Order must be created in order to give the restriction legal authority.

Periodically, the various Orders are brought together under a single Consolidated Order. This removes the need to administer hundreds of individual Orders, and instead creates a single document in which they can all be recorded. Traffic Regulation Orders may be inspected at the Council's offices in Hertford and Bishop's Stortford and the Council is in the process of placing key Traffic Regulation Orders online.

Parking Consultation November 2018

The EHDC (Apton Court and Urban Road, Bishop's Stortford) (Disabled Persons' Parking Places) Order 2018

The EHDC (Various Roads Bishops Stortford, Ware and Hertford ) (Restriction Of Waiting) Order 2017

The EHDC (Parking Zone B7 Bishop's Stortford) (Town Centre Business Permit)  Order 2017

Chantry Area, Bishop's Stortford parking Zone

The EHDC (East Herts Rural)(Off-Street Parking Places) Order 2014 (Amendment No.2) Order 2017

The EHDC (Parking Zone B7, Bishop's Stortford) (Town Centre Business Permit) Order 2017 and (Various Roads Bishop's Stortford, Ware and Hertford) (Restriction of Waiting) Order 2017

Parking Orders


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