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Grants Awarded and Commissioned Services from Not-for-Profit Organisations

This information is published under p23 and p32 of the Local Government Transparency Code.

In addition to annual grants programme, we award grants on special occasions.  Please see our Grants awarded for special occasions page


Please see the attached documents for the two funding periods in 2018/19

Community Grants Award 18-19 Spring / Summer 18 - 19 [299KB]

Community Grants Award 18-19 Autumn & Winter 18 - 19 [298KB]

Please note changes have been made to the grants program which has resulted in different types of grant allocations being collated and streamlined.  For information on previous years grant allocations, please see the following pages  For more information on the changes, please see our  Grants Programme 18/19 [5MB]  document. 


Community Capital Grants Awarded

View Capital Grants awarded for the past three years here

Community Activities Grants Awarded

View Activity Grants awarded for the past three years here

Grants Awarded for Special Occasions

Grants are given to mark special events such as V E Day and Jubilee Celebrations. Please see below for further details of grants awarded