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Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2013-18

East Herts Council is committed to the health and well being of its community and would like to empower, educate and enable its residents to take an active role in their health as well as create a supportive environment in which individuals and communities can achieve better health outcomes.

How will the strategy help?

By deciding what health and wellbeing priorities to focus on and giving opportunities for East Herts Council to work in partnership with other like-minded organisations, much more can be achieved. The new strategy recognises that the whole journey of an individuals life stages from birth to death are vital in maximising their life's health potential. This public health thinking is often referred to as the lifecourse approach. Improving health involves recognising and understanding many different health factors, including the personal resources of an individual as well as environmental, social, emotional and economic contributors. With pro-active health prevention enabling healthier places and sustainable communities, health inequalities which exist where we live and work can be addressed.

Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) 2011 and 2014 Health and Wellbeing Double Award Winners

Following on from the highest category three year award in 2011 for effective partnership working, good engagement with elected members and clear strategic and individual leadership of the Public Health role, East Herts has retained its national recognition again in 2014. The RSPH said "The Award for East Herts Council is for three years and is given due to their strong commitment to public health through their exemplary support to partners in the delivery of health interventions. East Herts is a second time award winner and we have been impressed by their progress and aspirations to build on their success."

East Herts will look to further develop its support for its public health partners and is looking forward to enabling this through the District Offer funding provided by Hertfordshire County Council Public Health over the next few years.