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Parking changes for RingGo customers

From 1 September 2018 there will be a 15p charge for all customers using the RingGo pay by phone option in all chargeable car parks run by East Herts Council. This charge is the cost RingGo applies to process each parking request.

East Herts Council offers a range of parking payment options, including a convenient 'check in and check out' service, which do not incur charges, following the investment in new parking machines in all East Herts owned car parks last year.

For more information, drivers should visit our website:  


Who is taking the 15p charge?


What is the charge for?

This is a convenience/transaction fee charged by RingGo for using their payment service

Why has this changed?

Before introducing the new car park machines, the RingGo service was the only option available which allowed our users to pay their parking by payment card. To assist the motorist, East Herts Council subsidised the RingGo transaction fee instead of passing this onto the user. In late 2016, East Herts invested in new machines in our car parks which give users the option to make payment by debit/credit card as well as the option to check in and check out which means that you don't have to rush back to your car

Doesn't RingGo already charge a fee?

When initially registering your vehicle and payment details with RingGo, you would have been given the option whether you wanted to receive a confirmation and/or reminder text. These texts cost 15p each but they are optional and can be turned off at any time. Just go to