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Folly Island waste and recycling

Folly Island cannot be accessed by regular sized vehicles as a result of the small bridge that accesses the properties. Instead the contractor sends in a smaller vehicle and collects multiple waste streams together. This is not the same as the rest of the district, where collections are made by a single dedicated vehicle.

Waste collected from  Folly Island should be managed as separate materials that are to be delivered to each of the council's facilities e.g. waste to landfill, garden waste to Cumberlow Green Farm and recycling to be bulked at the council's depot in Buntingford (paper is kept separate from the other materials such as cardboard and glass, which do get processed together).

Following  an email from a resident, the council asked the contractor to investigate whether this has been happening correctly. The council also checked the tipping records (each material tipped at each of the locations requires a transfer note to cover the weight of that material and the vehicle that brought it there).

On investigation, the council found that on some occasions in October the garden waste failed to be tipped. The findings were presented to the contractor who has been asked to carry out a full investigation. The driver  is being bought in to be interviewed to determine the extent of mismanagement.