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The pavilion at Hartham Common - FAQ

We have received some questions about our pavilion at Hartham Common in Hertford.

The pavilion is managed by our leisure operator and forms part of the new leisure operating contract, which is currently being procured. There is currently a café offering within this pavilion and the leisure contractor has an agreement in place with them.

As part of the Hartham leisure centre refurbishment, a new café is planned for the leisure centre and the successful operator will decide how the pavilion space will be used moving forward.

We recognise the valuable work Mudlarks does in the community and have been in touch with them to offer advice and support.


What is the Pavilion currently used for?

There is a refreshment kiosk currently operating from the Pavilion during busy periods. There are also two football changing rooms that operate from September through to April. These rooms are currently occupied by the Cycle Hub which is a pilot scheme for cycle maintenance and advice.  

There are also public toilet facilities in the Pavilion. 

Why can the Pavilion not be removed from the leisure contract?

The tendering process is at an advanced stage and final submissions have been received.

Why was the Pavilion not included in the consultation for the leisure centre or the playground?

The Pavilion is not undergoing development and therefore didn't form part of the consultation. However the consultation did address the proposed café facility inside the leisure centre, which can be accessed directly from the playground for park users as well as leisure centre customers.

The Pavilion did not form part of the playground consultation as it is part of the leisure operating contract.

Why is there not a consultation for the usage of the Pavilion?

The use of the Pavilion will be determined by the appointed leisure operator.

What advice and support has been offered to Mudlarks?

Our economic development team have been in contact with Mudlarks to provide advice.



Last updated 7 August 2019