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Fuel Tariff Switching

Residents in East Herts should consider shopping around to get the best energy deals. Switching for the first time can often save around £200+. Check if you can save by switching energy supplier.

Use Comparison sites when shopping around for energy.   Even if you have switched before, it's still worth checking to see if you can make any further savings.All Ofgem accredited energy price comparison sites are independent, and the options and prices you find on them should be calculated and displayed in a fair and unbiased way.

For general information on switching tariff or finding a price comparison website visit

Other ways to switch:-

  • Scan the QR code on your bill using a switching app on your mobile phone

Some websites also offer postal and telephone services

Local Oil Buying Clubs

Heating oil is expensive, but savings can be made through local bulk purchase schemes. There are a number of schemes or Oil Buying Clubs operating across East Hertfordshire which also cover most parishes.

Fuel delivery vehicles hold approx 15,000 litres of fuel where typically a domestic order is in the region of 1000 litres. If the oil supply company can supply to several premises in the same village at the same time, significant discounts through local bulk purchase schemes can be achieved. In addition price savings can be made getting quotes from several different suppliers, something that most oil clubs will do automatically.

Most clubs have a coordinator who can often be reached through the local parish council. Alternatively the Community Development Agency for Hertfordshire has a local scheme (membership £24 year).

Please note that East Herts Council does not operate any bulk heating oil purchase schemes. However, further information on options for the bulk purchase of domestic heating oil may be obtained from the Council's Environmental Strategy and Development Manager, email


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