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East Herts Council spends considerable sums of money on procurement each year, providing businesses of all sizes with a wide range of commercial opportunities.

Contract Adverts below the EU Threshold

Contract opportunities below the EU Threshold are advertised on this page.

Contract Adverts above the EU Threshold

All contracts above the EU Threshold are advertised on the Official Journal for the European Union (OJEU).

Apply for a Contract

If your company would like to be considered for a particular contract you must follow the application instructions detailed in the advertisement. The advert will tell you what is required and invites companies to apply for consideration.

Contract Register

A list of contracts awarded by East Herts Council.

Procurement Rules, Regulations & Strategy

The Council must follow European and UK Legislation on Public Sector Purchasing. In addition to this we also have our own Procurement Regulations and thresholds that must be adhered to below the OJEU threshold.

Changes to Purchases Orders

From 3rd April 2018 we are moving to a new Financial Management System (FMS). As part of this move there will be some changes to our Purchase Order (PO) system and the way in which we process invoices for payment.