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Taxi Licensing

The fundamental principle of taxi licensing is public safety and this includes the public in general and not just the travelling public.

Become a Licensed Taxi Driver

To become a licensed taxi driver in East Herts there are a number of requirements that must be met first.

Taxi Driver's Licence - Application/Renewal

To work as a taxi driver in East Herts you must hold a licence. You can start the application process online or by downloading our form.

Vehicle Requirements for Licensed Taxis

Not all vehicles can be licensed as Hackney Carriage or Private Hire vehicle. Your vehicle must meet a number of conditions in order to become a licensed taxi.

Vehicle Licence - Application/Renewal

To be used as a taxi in East Herts your vehicle must be licensed. You can start the application process online or by downloading our form.

Private Hire Operator

Anybody, who in the course of business, accepts pre-booked hirings must hold an operators' licence.

Operators Licence - Application/Renewal

If you or your business accepts taxi bookings you must hold an operators license. You can start the application online or by downloading our form.

Taxi Licensing - Fees

Depending on what you're applying for there are different fees you must pay. Fees can be paid over the phone by debit or credit card.

Types of Taxi

There are two types of vehicles that can be licensed and operate as taxis in East Herts, Hackney Carriages and Private Hire and there are differences in what they are allowed to do.

Taxi Complaints

If as a passenger you wish to complain about a taxi then please try to record the drivers badge number and/or plate number. You can then address the matter directly with the driver or contact their operator. Often this can bring a swift resolution to issues.

Taxi Talk Newsletter

Taxi Talk is our newsletter for taxi drivers in East Herts. Read the latest issue now.