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European Parliamentary Election 23 May 2019

The European Parliamentary Election took place on Thursday 23 May 2019 within the UK.

Key Election dates

  • Electoral Registration Deadline - Tuesday 7th May 2019 - midnight
  • European Nationals Registration deadline - Form UC1 - Tuesday 7th May

The results of the election can be found here

If you are a British citizen or a qualifying Commonwealth citizen and have registered to vote for the local elections on 2nd May you will also be registered to vote for this election by default.

If you're a citizen of a European Union country (other than the UK, Republic of Ireland, Malta and Cyprus), you can either vote in the UK or in your home country.  To vote within the UK, you will need to fill to be registered to vote AND have filled in a UC1 form 

If you are a European Union citizens, other than British or Irish, and want to vote in this election on 23rd May, you MUST complete and return a UC1 registration form by Tuesday 7th May.

We have sent this form to all registered European citizens.  This can be scanned and email back to us at  You can also bring in to one of our branches or send back to the Elections team via post

Alternately you can download this European Parliament voter registration from (UC1) from here and email on to .

For more information and to see if you qualify, please see the Your Vote Matters page

To see which parties or individual candidates are standing -  Statement of Parties and Individual Candidates Nominated - EPE 2019 [23KB]

There have been a small number of changes of polling stations since the last elections which are detailed in the table below. Your polling card, when issued will confirm your polling station. To check your local polling station, please see our full guide -  Polling Stations EU 2019 [35KB]

PREVIOUS Polling Place (used on 2nd May)

NEW Polling Place

St Andrews Church Hall, St Andrews Road

The Mill Bridge Rooms, The Wash, Hertford

Ware Drill Hall

3rd Ware Scouts Hall, Broadmeads, Ware

  • Postal Voting Deadline - Wednesday 8th May at 5pm. This is the date and time we need to receive a completed application form. Postal ballot papers will be sent out around 9th  May. for those electors with a postal vote already by  Thursday 18th April. Any applications received after this date will go in a later issue.
  • Proxy voting Deadline - Wednesday 15th May at 5pm. This is the date and time we need to receive a completed application form.

If you have a permanent postal vote this will also apply for this election.

Polling stations will be the same as for 2nd May and you can view our polling stations via our Finder.

Poll cards will be issued for this election and you should receive one by 1st May. If you do not it may mean you are not registered so you should check and can register at

Please ensure that you and your agents have read and adhere to the following guidance:

Code of Conduct [226KB]  - electoral registration, postal voting, proxy voting and polling stations

Secrecy Requirements [22KB]  - please read and abide to at all times

Schedule of dates and times for opening and verification of postal ballot papers

Postal votes will be opened at the following dates and times -

Council Chamber, Wallfields, Hertford SG13 8EQ

Thursday 16 May 10.00am to finish

Friday 17 May 10am to finish

Tuesday 21 May 10am to finish

Wednesday 22 May 10am to finish

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