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The East Herts District Plan

The East Herts District Plan sets out the planning framework for the district for the period between 2011 and 2033. It will deliver sustainable development and shape the future of East Herts.

The East Herts District Plan 2018

The District Plan sets out the planning framework for the District for the period of 2011-2033 and will deliver sustainable development. The plan will aim to provide new homes, new jobs, new facilities and infrastructure across the District. It also contains Development Management policies that will be used to determine planning applications.

Supplementary Planning Documents to the East Herts District Plan 2018

In order to provide guidance in some policy areas, the Council is preparing a number of Supplementary Planning Documents.

Evidence Base

East Herts Council has collated an evidence base to support the District Plan and to inform planning decisions. These documents themselves do not form the Council's Planning Policies. Technical work is often undertaken on a district wide basis or in partnership with neighbouring authorities and in some instances the work is prepared by independent consultants acting on behalf of the Council.


In order to ensure that the development outlined in the District Plan provides a well-designed, high-quality, environment and does not occur in isolation, East Herts Council is committed to ensuring that all new allocated sites in the District Plan undergo a "masterplanning" process. This involves working with the various councils, local interest groups, the main site promoter and other land owners, to achieve a vision for the overall development of the site and ensure we are achieving key important elements in a way that will contribute to a great place for people to live, work and study.

Duty to Co-operate

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that public bodies, including local planning authorities, have a duty to co-operate on planning issues that cross administrative boundaries.

Previous Versions of the District Plan

East Herts Council have been undertaking work on the District Plan for numerous years. There have been various stages of preparation and consultation through the plan making process. The Council has produced different versions of the Plan which have evolved through this period.