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Neighbourhood Planning Activity in East Herts

There are a number of Neighbourhood Plans progressing within East Herts. The different Neighbourhood Plans are at varying stages of the process.

Neighbourhood Plans

The Neighbourhood Plans that are at a more advanced stage are displayed below. Please click the name of the Neighbourhood Area to view further details of the individual Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood AreaPre-Submission Consultation (Reg 14)Submission to East Herts (Reg 16)6 Week Public Consultation (Reg 16)ExaminationReferendumAdoption
Bishop's Stortford- Silverleys and MeadsFebruary- March 2014May 2014June - July 2014December 201419th March 2015July 2015
Bishop's Stortford- All Saints, Central, South and Part of ThorleyMarch - April 2016July 2016November - December 2016May 20177th September 2017October 2017
BraughingJanuary - March 2017September 20175th October 2017 - 16th November 2017March/April 201826th July 2018September 2018
Buntingford Community AreaSeptember - October 2015April 2016May - June 2016November 201623rd March 2017May 2017
Hertford - Bengeo Ward15 July - 15 September 2019     
Much Hadham12 August - 30 September 2019     
Hertford - Sele Ward4 February - 24 March 2019     
StandonOctober - December 201630 November 201711 January 2018 - 22 February 2018August 2018 - May 201925th July 2019September 2019
Thundridge17 February - 5 April 2019     
WalkernJanuary - February 2017September 20175th October 2017 - 16th November 2017February 20185th July 2018July 2018

Designated Neighbourhood Areas

Below are the Neighbourhood Areas that have been designated in East Herts. These areas have not yet published a draft of their Neighbourhood Plan and therefore have not reached the Regulation 14 Consultation stage.

Neighbourhood AreaDate of RequestBody Submitting RequestDesignation AgreedNeighbourhood Area Map

22 November 2013

Designation Request [64KB]

Brickendon Liberty Parish Council 4 March 2014 Brickendon- Map [1MB]
Eastwick, Gilston and part of Hunsdon

10 August 2017

Designation Request [227KB]

Hunsdon and Eastwick & Gilston Parish Councils28 November 2017 Eastwick, Gilston and part of Hunsdon- Map [4MB]
Hertford Heath

2 September 2013

Designation Request [172KB]

Hertford Heath Parish Council4 February 2014 Hertford Heath- Map [134KB]

19 November 2015

Designation Request [100KB]

Hertingfordbury Parish Council2 February 2016 Hertingfordbury- Map [3MB]

10 August 2017

Designation Request [217KB]

Hunsdon Parish Council28 November 2017 Hunsdon- Map [4MB]
Little Hadham

3 June 2016

Designation Request [37KB]

Little Hadham Parish Council6 September 2016 Little Hadham- Map [519KB]

16 September 2015

Designation Request [153KB]

Sawbridgeworth Town Council1 December 2015 Sawbridgeworth- Map [3MB]
Stanstead Abbotts & St Margarets

18 June 2018

Stanstead Abbotts & St Margarets - Letter [1MB]

Stanstead Abbotts Parish Council & St Margarets Parish Council11 September 2018 Stanstead Abbotts & St Margarets - Map [3MB]

11 May 2018

Ware - Application Letter [264KB]

Ware Town Council11 September 2018 Ware - Map 2018 [3MB]

25 February 2016

Designation Request [168KB]

Watton-at-Stone Parish Council5 April 2016 Watton-at-Stone- Map [297KB]

Proposed Neighbourhood Area Designations

East Herts Council has received the below applications for designation of a Neighbourhood Area, a copy of the applications and maps can be seen below. Any interested person may submit representations to the consultations, these must be made in writing and submitted to East Herts Council by email to or by post (using address below). 

Planning Policy, Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8EQ

Neighbourhood AreaDate of RequestBody Submitting RequestConsultation ClosesApplication LetterNeighbourhood Area Map

Withdrawn Neighbourhood Areas

The following Neighbourhood Area designations have been withdrawn.

Neighbourhood AreaDate of WithdrawalBody withdrawing Neighbourhood AreaNeighbourhood Area Map
Eastwick, Gilston and Hunsdon

10th August 2017

Withdrawal Letter [185KB]

Eastwick & Gilston Parish Council and Hunsdon Parish Council Eastwick, Gilston and Hunsdon- Map [87KB]