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Health & Wellbeing

Community Wellbeing & Partnerships

We support our residents in living a healthy lifestyle. This involves responsibility for looking after our own health as well as getting involved in range of health opportunities the Council and other partners may offer.

Healthy Eating

Information and resources to help you eat healthily.

Exercise & Physical Activity

Taking part in regular physical activity has proven to be very beneficial in helping prevent or alleviate a number of healthy lifestyle related conditions.

Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Helping your mind and outlook to life remain as healthy as possible is just as important as physical health.

Air Quality & Health

The air that we breathe is an important factor in helping our lungs and body to work well. Pollutants in the air can be harmful to our health and we can all take some simple steps alongside policy decisions to help improve the air that is all around us.

Give up Smoking

Giving up smoking is one of the best health choices you can make and there are plenty of ways to help you do this from your Herts Stop Smoking Service to your local pharmacy.

Hertfordshire's Year of Physical Activity

East Herts is getting behind Hertfordshire County Council's year of Physical Activity as keeping active has countless benefits for our overall health and wellbeing.

Social Prescribing Service

Residents who may be feeling lonely, isolated, experiencing high anxiety and/or living with depression and who have been referred via their GP/Health Professional can receive the support of the East Herts Social Prescribing Service (EHSPS).